There and Back Again

It was the Poet Laureate Alfred Lord Tennyson who wrote the immortalized line “‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.”  Clearly, he never played hockey.

I’m failing to believe that getting into all these  long-winding relationships only to end in disappointment is really better than the alternative.  Don’t get me wrong, going to battle for a championship is one thing, and no one plays to lose.  But having the spoils of victory snatched from before your eyes twice is like replacing the knife in your back with a sword, painful.  And yeah, I could easily fall back on excuses like the WHL was biased against having an American team represent the league.  Or how, in the most important game of the year, the most feared powerplay in the league was conveniently given a whopping zero opportunities.  I’m not one to complain, only bringing some prominent thoughts to light.  So I digress.

As many of you have probably noticed, I took an abrupt and extended sabbatical from writing.  I think it was part superstition seeing as how last year I posted everyday and that didn’t seem to work, so why not swing the pendulum in the complete opposite direction.  So, one year and only two more playoff wins later, it didn’t seem to work as expected.  But while I’m here I may as well touch on superstition.  It varies in severity from player to player.  Some guys order the exact same thing from Starbucks before games.  There’s a specific routine players go through in the warm up, before going out after intermission, everything.  Personally, I think it’s all in the suit.  Look good, feel good, play good.  If I lose in a certain combo, I have to change it up for the next game.  If we win, the pattern repeats itself.  I’d say it represents the notion that hockey is a lot more mental than anything.  Moving on.

It’s the eve of my glorious, hopefully parade-filled return to summer life.  Alongside the short drive up the coast comes a few less prevalent changes that I more or less look forward to:

My own bed – Pretty self-explanatory.

Home-cooking – No knock against my billets food, but nothing beats it.

Sunday Lunches – The reasons “FAMILY” is tattooed over my heart.

Having Facebook pictures that aren’t me playing hockey – From late September to May the pictures tab on Facebook is a never-ending flow of faceoffs, choppy strides, and awkward faces.




Seeing the Sun – Portland.

Non-competitive Sports – See you say that but when you’ve been conditioned on winning that phrase is really an oxymoron.  Drop-in hockey, Volleyball, all usually end up with as much frustration and celebration as an on ice performance.

And a variety of other things I can’t think of now but I’m reminded of the minute I walk in the door.

For those of you wondering, I’ll keep the site going during the summer, posting will be sporadic as always but I’ll try and keep it informative and entertaining (as always?)

Stay Thirsty My Friends,

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5 Responses to There and Back Again

  1. jen says:

    It was a great run…you guys are amazing. Good to have you back on the blog.

  2. Lisa McGillicuddy says:

    You write well, Taylor. Reading stuff like this makes me miss teaching. Lisa McG

  3. Mike T. says:

    Taylor, Thanks for a great season… Go home recharge, refocus and burn the white shoes evidently they have had all the luck worn off them. Once hockey starts to creep back in around the edges go out and get signed. Your hard work and determination have shown that you’ve earned it. If we see you back in a Hawks sweater next year I will be suprised; Happy but suprised. Give your Mom and Dad and Kenzie all our best from PTown. Was a pleasure seeing and talking to then this year at games as well as on the Ferry back from Vic.

  4. I’ve so enjoyed watching as you have played your junior hockey years here in Portland! I so hope you will be back next year. Since I bought your “Pink the Rink” jersey your mom, aunt and your mom’s sister-in- law have introduced themselves to me. What a nice family you have.

    All of the Hawks had a great season. We’ve been season ticket holders for 25 years now and this season ranks up near the top. We’ re so proud of all the Hawks.

  5. The powerplay situation. The powerplay situation. Unbelievable. As a fan it is frustrating because we literally have ZERO control at influencing anything and screaming at the officials, surprisingly, does not seem to be all that effective (who knew?). I think that’s why fans are superstitious and to a certain degree why players are, also…an illusion of controlling the uncontrollable. Although of course, players have much more control than we do, there are still limits.

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