What’s Wrong With Movies: Bully

Bully is a cinematic documentary following five families and their struggles as they battle the fact their children are tormented by bullying.  It is driven by the steadfast passion the parents have brought to the issues and the bravery showed by those involved.  Their aggressive push to affect a change is followed over the course of a school year.

Among the stories are two families who have lost children to suicide, a family struggling to find a fit for their lesbian daughter, and a mother anxiously waiting for her 14-year old daughters sentencing.  The movie shows the vague and irreproachable issue that is bullying in schools and the lackluster effort being put forth to reverse it.  Bullying has become an acceptable behavior written off as simply “boys will be boys” and “every school has this sort of problem.”

Bullying, it’s a constantly evolving monster as old as organized schooling itself.  It torments innocent victims in a variety of ways, taking advantage of new technology, spreading like wild fire, and striking at the hearts of those in its sights.  It’s a problem that does exist in every school to some degree.  Mashing hundreds of kids into a building for hours on end isn’t the best combo for a civilized utopia.  It’s just common sense.  The challenge comes with how bullying is handled and to what extent it is looked into and extinguished.  From what I saw in the film, it’s not being done properly.  Thankfully, this film is doing a great job of trying to start the fire in schools, communities, and cities to take a stand against bullying.

Here is the Stand for the Silent facebook page.

Personally, I’ve had moments on both sides of the equation, bully and victim.  I won’t lie, being a foot taller than kids in has its advantages (anyone who was on the ice with me the first year contact was allowed can probably vouch for those “advantages”.)  At the same time I’ve been at the brunt of some jokes and felt down after school.  I’m thankful for my parents bringing me up properly, supporting me when I was down, and deflating my ego when needed.

I think everyone needs to see this movie, and spread the word.  9/10

Stand for the Silent,

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2 Responses to What’s Wrong With Movies: Bully

  1. Brandon says:

    I would be interested in hearing your opinion as to how you believe bullying in school differs from the bully’s (enforcers) on the ice?

  2. I’ve been a Winterhawks fan since I moved to Oregon but admit I haven’t followed them like I do with my NHL team the Sabres (knowing every player, their background, stats and things like that). After catching a game on Saturday 4/7/12 I was kicking myself for not knowing more about individual players. I am working on that now. Not in a Puck bunny kind of way.
    I’m glad I found your blog and enjoyed hearing what a hockey player thinks about the subject of bullying. My son is on the receiving end and it’s nice to be able to show him that big hockey players have been bullied before.
    You did a great job on writing this piece by the way. Can’t wait to read older posts and new ones. Good luck and hope to make it back up to pdx for next round.

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