What’s Wrong With Movies: Project X

I think I understand mass media, it’s not the quality of the product, it’s the popularity of it.  I could sneeze into a microphone and if, for some reason, it became a global hit, I’d be getting paid enough to buy Tyler Perry’s solid gold yacht fleet.  This is why artists like LMFAO are always making top 10 hits.  They don’t have any real musical talent, they’d get booed or at least angrily snapped out of jazz halls, but they know how to tickle the masses.  Movies, any kind of media, falls under the same formula.  Let me introduce Project X.

The trailer is here.  Fair warning, it’s rated R.

If not, here’s how I’m pretty sure the movie was made.

Intern: “Hey boss, I’ve got a great idea for a movie.”

Boss: “Alright, let’s hear it”

Intern: “These three guys have a party.”

Boss: “Hmmm, I think it’s been done before”

Intern: “A really really big party?”

Boss: “Go on….”

Intern: “And….ummmm…boobs!”

Boss: “I LIKE IT!”


It’s the stereotypical party movie plot,  Kid A’s parents leave for a weekend, entrusting said child to the reign of their unsupervised house.  Kid A and friends then decide to throw a small party which, per usual, turns into a large party.  Project X takes it a step further into the “full scale destructive mob” zone.  To quote the movie “Like fifteen hundred? A couple thousand maybe.”  Not to spoil the complex and intriguing plot for you, but the neighborhood gets torched and millions of dollars of property gets damaged.

I don’t really have a problem with the premise of the movie, what’s the most out of control a party could get times infinity.  The issue I have is the fact that throughout the movie the phrase “just big enough to make me cool” gets thrown around close to ten times.  The entire motivation behind the film is for the main characters, a group of nobodies at a local high school, to become popular.  At least in my eyes, that proves to be mass media taking advantage of our youth’s twisted morale compass.  The morale of the story is literally at all cost, do whatever you can to become popular.  Which, in this case, means bombarding your brain cells with alcohol and drugs.

Am I overreacting? Possibly, but I think that the people solely responsible for steering the population’s interests and motivations should have a little integrity.  Let’s be honest, every movie you go to, you come out wanting to jump ship and start a new career.  I watched Eminem’s “8 Mile” last night before bed and I was sure that I had the chops to become an underground rap battling phenom.  You can see the influence everywhere.  I’ve yet to see a facebook status praise the movie as being well done, though, I’ve seen probably a hundred people say “OMG Project X is so legittttt” or “Project X!!! I wanna party so badddd”.  Maybe from that you can see the basis of my concern for the direction we’re going in.  Not recommended.  6/10, nasty soundtrack brought it up from a 5.

Stay Thirsty My Friends,

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4 Responses to What’s Wrong With Movies: Project X

  1. wenjud1 says:

    Overreacting??? Maybe, but it’s why we love you! What I find troublesom is all those post’s on what a “legit” movie, “want to party”, is they are 98% made by those under 18. I find it hard to believe all those parents went and sat thru movie!

    On another note, have you seen or the trailer for Goon? Just a good DUMB movie. watched on comcast on-demand be for hits theaters. Better than informercials at 3am.

    Good Luck on Wed., we’ll be watching!

  2. Jeff Carman says:

    You are not over reacting at all. The moral downfall of society has been preceded by the decline of morality in movies and entertainment. They are not solely to blame (that is a whole other rant), but I strongly believe that they have contributed.

    Unfortunately, Hollywood will not change their formula unless the people stop buying. Thus, we will continue to get this quality of movies, “reality” television, and a general pushing of what is acceptable to put on TV.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love your reviews Taylor – the previews itself confirmed everything you wrote. What’s funny is I went to high school with a girl that did just that – to improve her image from Jr. high to show she was popular as a freshman. Well, let’s just say, she got what she wanted, but a nickname (won’t list here), remained with her through high school and everyone yelled it at graduation. A lot of damage to her house and lots of stuff stolen.

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