What’s Wrong With Movies: The Punisher

“The Punisher”, a heart warming tale of one man’s struggle to succeed as he tries to make light of his down and out relationship with the mob…

Also, murder.  Lots of murder.

The Punisher is the first of two movie adaptations on a Gerry Conway comic character that actually started as a villain to The Amazing Spiderman in 1974.  After receiving critical acclaim and achieving wide spread popularity, the character “The Punisher” would receive his own variety of series’ beginning in the late 1980’s.  He is the quintessential antihero, employing kidnapping, extortion, robbery, and a variety of questionable tactics to invoke fear into his enemies.  His “superpowers” are non-existent, as he relies on only on his vast martial arts experience and an unusually high pain tolerance.

I like the movie, it’s a good remedy to the cliched superhero story full of capes, one-liners, and corny sidekicks.  It’s not very heavy plot wise but it was never in the Oscars race anyways.  John Travolta plays that antagonist, a money laundering gangster responsible for the murder of Frank Castle (The Punisher)’s family.


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