What’s Wrong With Movies: The Grey

There’s an excellent chance that Liam Neeson could make a record of himself reading the telephone book and it would make millions…millions.  A quick look into his IMDB profile and you’ll notice he takes roles almost exclusively based on the fact that he comes out looking like the biggest badass on television.  He’s played a god, a jedi, an immortal supervillan, a colonel, an admiral, and a captain, twice played a doctor, and voiced a lion on a number of occasions.  He is the father figure’s father figure.  So just for context, let’s examine the evidence.

So when I heard he was flying up to middle of nowhere, British Columbia to fight wolves, I jumped at the chance.  This is “The Grey”

A heart-warming tale of a man’s struggle to teach inner-city wolves how to succeed.  Also, how to brutally murder plane crash survivors.  It does a great job of showing the bleak desperation that would set in from the severe circumstances.  Figuring out where to find food, how to keep a fire, the preciously finite amount of resources, etc.  The pristine scenery contrasted by the ever present threat of death fosters a unique feeling throughout the entire film.  As Liam Neeson slowly lets the wolves even the score by killing the remaining actors, it’s pretty clear that the whole process isn’t going as fast as he’d like.  That crazy shot at the end where he has broken glass bottles and a knife taped to his hands.  That actually happens.  Might be one of the most innovative/effective weaponry uses since the final fight scene of where Jason Statham uses the footpedals of a bike to take out like ten guys.  Either way, I think the movie had the ability to keep the audience engaged and intrigued up until the final moments.  Liam Neeson does a great job of being a badass and the BC wilderness as a background makes for a couple nice panoramic shots.


Stay Thirsty My Friends,

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