The Showering Philosopher: Save Facebook

Facebook, it was the shining beacon of virtual community.  A resource who’s only limit is only the number of human beings on the face of the Earth.  Coupled with the unlimited amounts of information available to those who seek it, Facebook has become a deadly mix of addiction and evolution.  Boiled down, Facebook’s goal is to connect people, boiled down that is.  It’s swiftly becoming another cesspool of attention seeking web-surfers.  It’s a small minority of users, but it takes one spoon to stir a pot.   Now, I’ve been growing up with Facebook and  a quick search can bring up an entire history of my life through various status updates, pictures, and even the rare video.  It’s all there, a convenient auto-biography of everyone’s past few years.  But unless you want to see Facebook go the way of Myspace, it’s got to stop.

What Has to Stop?

Facebook is, or at least I perceive it to be, the most efficient way to connect with my friends.  It’s not a medium by which you can post your passive-aggressive grievances to initiate a flame war on everyone’s news feed (that’s what blogs are for.)  Does it boil down to cowardice?  Possibly, that thought just popped up, sounded relevant.  I won’t call out names out of respect, but it has to stop.  I’ve literally stopped reading comment sections on articles and videos because the chances of stumbling into… well, let’s just say I wish Liam Neeson perused the internet and jumped out at the most convenient times.


I’ve tried to take a stand against it, there’s been a few times where I’ve gotten near giddy with the number of notifications waiting for me.  Only to sink into depression when it’s 15 different comments on a picture I’ve “liked.”  In my mind, it’s a clear cry for attention, drawing in innocent onlookers.  Maybe it’s just that it goes against how I like to do things.



So, concerned citizens of the internet, the responsibility is now in all of our hands.  All of your friends posting statuses about how “People should just GROW UP!!!” or “Uhmm, wow, Its sooo cool when someone who is SUPPOSED to be ur friend talks about u behind ur back. Say it to my face or u can get out of my life!!!” needed to be stopped.  Step in, inform them that passive-aggressivism won’t get them anywhere in life, and suggest that they face their problems head on.

Stay Thirsty My Friends,

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