Dry Spell of Writable Subjects

As many of you’ve probably realized, my writing cycle goes a lot like this.  I have nothing to write about, someone cuts me off in traffic etc, I have something to write about, rinse, repeat.  The problem with this is that it’s a dependent cycle.  Without the stage preceding it, the process can’t carry on.  So, as fate would have it, not much has happened that has given me the “write this publicly” vibe.  Admittedly, lots of stuff has occurred.  I’ve played a smattering of games over the last little while, I even got the chance to go see O|A|R in concert one night, my parents came to town this weekend.  And while all of those things truly deserve mention, it’s not easy to develop a hook around.

So, if for the next few weeks I’m going to try and upload something every day, regardless of size, but I’ll try and keep it quality.  Maybe I’ll go get into situations, like The Clash.


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