The Showering Philosopher: Oh I’m Mad

I got my iPod back last weekend, so now I can jot down little reminders about things I think would be cool to write about.  Let’s start with the big stuff.

Last Tuesday, I turned 20 years old.  Frightening really, I have friends that are engaged to get married.  I look at myself, and imagine having the responsibility of a spouse and laugh.  That being said, having my future wife living with my billets would be an interesting predicament in its own right.  I’ll get to that part of life later, hopefully.  While turning the big two oh doesn’t really hold any real world value, it’s nice to know that I’m no longer a teenager.  I woke up Tuesday morning and felt exactly the same.  I had just survived for the 7300 night of my life.  Pretty exciting stuff.  Moving on.

Traffic has been abysmal as usual, with Portland trying to make sure that all of my roads are in a state of perpetual maintenance.  I’ve started to recognize a series of patterns being exhibited from the drivers that always seem to be a thorn in my side.   Vanity plates.  You (insert carefully chosen words here) are the thorn in my side.  I don’t say this without warrant.  On the way home from practice last week I encountered not one but two vanity plates.  Both were on SUVs, both drivers were on their cellphones, neither signaled the entire time.  The two plates were “DUDER” and “SALIV8”.  I literally hate you, like actually, who goes out and gets that.

Guess what I typed into Google images to find this.


Speaking of traffic.  There has to be a stricter criteria for what people are allowed to stick on their bumpers.  Every passive-aggressive “I used to be stupid, then I stopped being republican” type stickers are ridiculous.  If you adorn your beat down ’95 Honda Civic with all your funny opinions, chances are no one wants to hear them anyways.

TP Out

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One Response to The Showering Philosopher: Oh I’m Mad

  1. Finally someone who matters said it out loud. Good for you Taylor. Always a thrill to read what’s on your mind. Hope your big day was the best ever. Thanks for the smiles. Stay Safe. Rhianna

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