What’s Wrong With Movies: Underworld: Awakening: Also Known As: Kate Beckinsale: in Tight Leather

As per most non-game road trip nights, the boys and I got the chance to take in a film at the local cinema.  Tonight’s entertainment was the latest installment in the Underworld series, Awakening, which to me, seems like an interesting sub-title for the fourth movie in a series.  I will admit, after looking through Wikipedia’s List of film series with four entries I was surprised to find a handful of fourth titles being “The Beginning” or “The Awakening.”  In fact, the only sub-titles listed as “The Beginning” or “The Awakening” were for the fourth movie in a series.

*while typing words into the “find” function, I noticed that all feature-length films were noted by a capital “A’, so I typed in A and hit enter.  Every other word was highlighted.  I died a little inside.

It’s pretty clear what the Underworld series has identified its bread and butter as.

A whole lotta this


It’s a pretty easy sale in my opinion.  Take all the mushy junk from twilight and boil it down into a sub-plot and take the 15 extra hours of space you’ve freed up and put in Mrs. Beckinsale frolicking around in skin tight leather.  It’s no wonder why these guys in Hollyworld get the big bucks.  That being said, anyone going to “Awakening” expecting anything more than an action-junkie’s wet dream with dialogue on the side is going to be thoroughly disappointed.  The idea of the Underworld series, while being unique, doesn’t need all that much explaining through complex plot and dialogue.  I can appreciate the producers knowing exactly what kind of film they’re making and not trying to make it into Oscar bait.


Stay Thirsty My Friends,

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