The Showering Philosopher: The Deadly Five Punch Entertainment Combo

I love being entertained.  I mean, it’s hard not to, entertainment is everywhere.  I wake up every morning entertained because this is my alarm clock.

If that doesn’t get you going in the morning, I don’t know what will.  And speaking of alarm clocks, while surfing the Internets I came across this.

If you haven’t caught up on your Japanese, this alarm clock has a bullseye that flips up when it goes off and the only way to hit the snooze button is to fire an infrared bullet right through it’s hear.  It’s on it’s way across the ocean right now.  It’s a logical purchase, seeing as how the first thing that goes through my mind when I hear the alarm go off is “I want to shoot this thing with a gun.”  Anyways.

Now I’m sure there’s a strong contingent of people already saying to themselves “Being entertained isn’t everything you know, some people have to work for a living.”  After which I can only imagine them lecturing me on the uphill, 5-mile, pajama clad walks they had to endure just getting to school every day.  I also realize I may be coming across sounding like this.


While in reality it’s a lot more like being a mouse who was born in a cheese factory that’s constantly being updated and never runs out of cheese.  In some ways it’s horrifying, but at the same time, utopian.

Your years of wisdom is noticed, but honestly, it’s not my fault.  I, and so many others of my generation, have been raised during the Information Age (aka The Digital Age, The Computer Age.)  There has been no point in my life, where I haven’t had the necessity of a computer.  And with the Internet getting its start up a few decades before I was even born, by the time I came around, the Age of Information had come into full force.  From that point on, it’s been a constantly growing relationship with information.

It’s a deadly relationship.

Over the last ten years or so, there’s been an emergence of technology.  Computers have become faster, microchips smaller, graphics more precise, connections more efficient.  It’s in a constant state of evolution.  Never ceasing to delivery the highest quality product to the consumers of today.  I’m ashamed to admit it but at this moment right now I’ve got my laptop on, my iPod and my phone connected to my laptop, and I’m splitting time on here with my TV and xBox that a running at the same time.  It’s as impressive as it is disturbing.  The five punch combo that I’ve forged for myself creates a never ending cycle of entertainment.  A steady IV drip of entertainment.  I’m surprised I even have time to do anything besides keep myself entertained.  Now, maybe it’s just a personal flaw.  There’s a good chance that I, like so many before me, have become a slave to the Information Age, needing to constantly be informed of seemingly random and useless information.  I’m following at least 3 different twitter feeds that just post random facts about literally anything.  I think one practice that could prove useful would be to take a little bit of time to imagine how our lives would look without all the tech that sustains us.  Even take a day off from all the blinking gizmos we fill our life with.


Stay Thirsty My Friends,

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