The Showering Philosopher: Jersey Shore

If you didn’t catch yesterday’s post, I’ve decided to divide and categorize a decent majority of my posts into three separate “series”.  This was done primarily to help people that enjoy certain posts more than others (aka Everyone) navigate to said posts.  The changes are still in the works, but the end results should be evident.  Moving onto more pressing matters.  Moving on.

By this time, everyone and their unfortunate dog have been exposed to the Jersey Shore.  The gyms, the tans, the inhumane amount of alcohol being consumed, all of it just adds up to great, thought-provoking television.  And I know, when my team and I stand strong against the waves of zombie hordes, there’ll be plenty of instances where the only thing we can say is “Thank God we watched all the seasons of Jersey Shore.”  Wait a second, I was thinking about Man vs. Wild.  Readers, I’ll be completely honest, I gave the Shore a fair look.  I sat down, watched a couple episodes from start to finish, taking in everything they had to offer.  At the end, I questioned whether or not a show like this could actually exist.  Let’s be honest, the entire show consists of nothing more than a mix of predictable and unpredictable drama covered in hairspray and a fake tan, then clearly injected with steroids.  Cheap thrills.  It’s a frightening sign of things to come when these types of things get cult-level followings.  For future reference, I hope this season goes the way of “The Simple Life” with Paris and Nicky Hilton.  Where their twisted and misconstrued lives are brought a real dose of reality on TV.  Which I’m assuming their bodies will reject.

Enough venting for one night,

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