The Showering Philosopher: A Series

As part of my New Years resolution I’ve been trying to be more proactive in the mornings (ie getting up earlier, making lunch for the day, eating a good breakfast.)  One of the bi-products of creating all this new time is that I can iron out the exponential amount of thinking I get done in the shower.  We’ve all been there, washing off when a great idea hits and by the end of the day it’s disappeared.  Now, thanks to a strategically placed notepad in my house, I’ve got a gold mine of ideas waiting to be acted upon.  Giddy up.

First off, I’ve been in a heated battle with the Internet to figure out why website hosting hates me so much.  My ongoing determination has brought no results.  But, all the potential awesomeness that might come with a victory has driven me to try and develop a better product for all you phenomenal people that come and check out all my words and the order they’re arranged in.  So as of today I’m officially launching three unique series.  They’ll be categorized better for easy navigation and hopefully in the upcoming weeks I’ll be able to tame the cruel mistress that is the internet.  But back to the meaty part.  Three series, the two you know:

Missing the Mark.  You’ve probably noticed these posts over the last few months.  An entire post work of info boiled down into a simple line or two and a picture.  I know it’s not ground-breaking news, bear with me.

What’s Wrong with Movies.  One of my more favourite posts.  Every movie I see seems to insight at least a healthy amount of scorn or acknowledgment.  You get the best of both worlds, hopefully.

And the new one.

The Showering Philosopher.  An insight into things in the world, and what I think about them.  It’s pretty much like any other post, but it’s got one of my most likely incorrect philosophies as the thesis.  Enjoy.

Now there’ll be a whole host of regular posts mixed in as well.  I just figured these three would be ones that would be the most popular.  Moving on.

I got a hair cut a few days ago, it was about time, it was getting dangerously mop looking.  So I trekked over to the local clippers and was treated to the shears.  Nearing the end of the haircut I was treated to the compliment that I “looked like Matt Damon.”  We she probably took as telling me I look like this.


While the whole time I was thinking of this.

I laughed at my reflection multiple times that day.


All for Now,
Stay Thirsty My Friends,


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One Response to The Showering Philosopher: A Series

  1. ron mchaney says:

    You, wotherspoon and matt Damon are triplets. But only two of you can play hockey.

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