What A Guy

Last night before our game in Vancouver there was a small ceremony honoring the career of Hall of Famer Guy Lafleur.  It’s always a unique experience when you can see one of the people that have made hockey the game it is today.  It’s important to recognize people like Guy Lafleur and other greats for their accomplishments and I think Vancouver does a pretty good job at that.  That being said, game probably could have turned out better on the scoreboard.

The guy also rocked some of the greatest flow this side of the equator


During the bus ride home, between the hours of 1 and 2 we came across a guy who was clearly driving under the influence.  We followed the man down the I-5 as interest quickly swept through the aisles.  All the boys were piled against the windows trying to get a better look at this guy.  We called the cops.

Minutes later a ghost car rips out of no where and chases the guy down, lights flashing.

We gave two long horn blasts as we passed the drunk, and got a wave from the officer.  “We’re all heroes” one of the boys said.  “Yup,” I responded “News interviews for everyone!”


Speaking of news interviews, I guess my story traveled north of the border because I received some interest from The Province, who already published an article on their website.





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