My 15 Minutes as a Portland D-List Celebrity

Some of you keeners may have already noticed that my web address has changed to simply  The reason for this being, after my brief stint in the limelight I noticed a considerable increase in views.  Like triple the highest recorded day in the past views, almost an entire month’s worth of hits.  So noticing this spike in virality, and with a little nudge, I’ve officially purchased the domian name off of and moved over to, the “Adults table” of blogging.  What does this mean?  For starters it gives me the ability to access and manipulate the source.  Kind of like the Matrix, except not at all.  The major upside is the fact that I can add in certain applications that’ll make me see more redundant numbers about my visitors viewing habits.  So don’t be surprised if my posts just start becoming a series of buzzwords and a witty sign-off.

Short one today, heading out to see “The Devil Inside” which is quoted as being “(probably) like ‘The Rite’ if everyone had taken a wide variety of drugs and acting classes (except for Anthony Hopkins, the man’s a genius).”  Either way, expect a “What’s Wrong With Movies” post coming up later this evening.

Wish Me Luck,

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One Response to My 15 Minutes as a Portland D-List Celebrity

  1. Jayme says:

    I have to say I do enjoy reading your blogs. It’s witty and enlightening, if that makes sense at all.

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