Kayaking 101: How There’s a Good Chance I’m 2/3 Batman

Holy double post.

Before writing this I will say that 100% of what I’m about to tell you is absolutely real factual events.  Here we go.

Tonight, at around 7pm, my billets and I were finishing up a delicious meal and about to dig into our New Year’s Resolution cake.  Our sliding door, which opens onto our riverside deck, was cracked open slightly.  Before beginning our post-dinner feast, a noise was heard from outside, a screaming noise.  Thinking nothing of it, I continued to think about the various ways I could eat the cake.  However, my billet family was much more concerned with the distant screaming voice coming from the river.

Now, being the uncommon situation that it was, I had folded it and neatly placed it into my ‘Tom-Foolery’ category.  “Crazy kids,” I mumbled to myself ironically.  I was about to dive into the cake mouth first when I was called out to the dock.  Sure enough, out in the darkness of the water was a voice shouting for help.  Intrigued, I kept listening as any attempts to communicate with the voice were rendered useless.

It was at this point that our kayaks were to be put to use.

My disdain for the whole situation quickly faded to my new found interest in it.  So I pulled on a pair of swimming shorts and climbed into one of our two kayaks.  My billets son, visiting over the holidays, piloted the other.  And with that we shot out into the unknown.

I quickly reached the other shore and heard the man shouting to his friend whom had been in their two-person kayak when it capsized.  By that time he’d already been found by my billets’ son.  I paddled over to them, the man clinging to the side of his kayak.  The man was unable to get back on his kayak due to the sheer temperature of the water.  So I was tasked with pulling him to safety hundreds of feet away.  After what seemed an eternity of the hardest kayaking I’d ever done, we finally broke out of the current and reached the shore.  The Coast Guard arrived shortly after and we ended up getting a ride back across.

Happy New Years indeed.


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15 Responses to Kayaking 101: How There’s a Good Chance I’m 2/3 Batman

  1. Jerilynn says:

    Awesome u r as usdual

  2. Jerilynn says:

    Awesome u r as usual

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  4. Gina Acosta says:

    We know just how talented you are on ice skates. Are you sure you didn’t lace up your skates and go rescue this guy? We had no idea that you were so proficient at kayaking as well. Just another interesting facet of Taylor Peters to be discovered!! Thank you for sharing snippets of your life with us, your “fans” and friends, Taylor. And we are proud of you for coming to this man’s aid and saving his life, its just another testiment of what an amazing person you are Taylor. 🙂

  5. camaswriter says:

    Taylor, You are an extraordinary person to put your own life at risk. I’ve been where you are and know a little about when you save someone’s life. It’s an amazing feeling, but it’s also a time when you wanna say to people “hey anyone would have done it.”, but not everyone would have, a lot would have waited for professionals or done nothing at all. This combined with your amazing talent on the ice makes you a better person. Thank you for coming into our town and lives.

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  7. MEB says:

    Awesome action by a “super man”, T.P. Congratulations on your life-saving feat! And best of everything for the rest of the hockey season & playoffs!

  8. Wow.. Now that’s a story! You are a hero, with the heart of a lion and an incredible knack for writing. Keep up the good work, you have made a new fan.

    All the best in the new year..


  9. Robin says:

    Hi from your cousin Robin in England! My dad (Rod) sent me the link….I’m thrilled to be related to a superhero, or 2/3 of a superhero at least! 🙂

  10. Nice post which leaves questions. How did they manage to capsize their kayak? Were they wearing life jackets?

    People who have commented know more about you that I do, so please excuse my next question which is – what was the water temperature?

    Well done to you both though – nice to have people like you around.

  11. Barb says:

    Wow Taylor — you are amazing on and off the ice!

    Job well done! Those people should feel very grateful to you.

    The very best to you as you move forward in your hockey and “real” life.

    Barb ( the lady that bought your “pink the rink” jersey that you signed at the new years game. Thanks for signing it by the way :-))

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