The Manvent Calendar: Days 15-18

I’m writing this from my bed, my real bed, the one that I grew up sleeping in, not the one floating on the Willamette River.  Just after noon today my little dash 8 plane touched down on Canadian tarmac and kicked off my Christmas vacation.  The midpoint for the WHL season, and a highlight of my year, every year.  I love my home, my family, my friends, but most of all, having nothing to worry about.  No practice to gear up for later, no game to prepare for, it’s a much deserved decompression from four months of solid work.  I’m looking forward to spending a good amount of time right here, in bed, having dreams about bouncing sitcom ideas off of Powers Boothe in a hot air balloon.  Anyone who’s left home knows that being in your own bed is an unparalleled experience, regardless of quality.

It feels good.  Plus my sheets are fresh from the wash, so my bed doesn’t smell like teen spirit for the time being.

I picked up right where I left off at home.  Mercilessly slaughtering virtual opponents with my buddy Zak.  Playing out a shared fantasy of ours; dominating the NHL scoring race side by side.  I picked up nine goals and an honest twelve points in the Canucks home opener.  Good start, I’d like to think.

The only thing disappointing about coming home to Vancouver is the general lack of Christmas weather we get.  I remember when it snowed, in 2008, that was cool.  I get jealous of the guys going further east who’ve already taken in their first pond hockey games.  I’ve missed out on “White Christmas’ ” for years and years, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve started to realize the convenience of not having the roads a total cluster all the time.

Few things about the last few days.  We played in Spokane on the 17th.  A modest six hours away from Portland, OR.  The boys and I had a smattering of flights ranging from as early as 6am the following morning.  The game ended at just after 9:45 (we won 8-5) and we got out of their just after 10:15.  A little first grade math will tell you that some of the guys were cutting it a bit close with their departure times.  I get visions of the “Home Alone” scene where the family is sprinting through the airport with Brian Setzer’s “Run Run Rudolph” playing in the background.  Just with a lot more people being run over.

December 15th’s Item:

TSA Brand Latex Glove


December 16th’s Item:



December 17th’s Item:

Meatloaf w/ Potatoes and Salad


December 18th’s Item:

A white piece of paper with “Taylor Peters” scrawled on it



Merry Christmas my Friends, oh and that reminds me.  None of this politically correct “Season’s Greetings” nonsense, everyone knows what season it is.  Let’s be honest here.



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One Response to The Manvent Calendar: Days 15-18

  1. nugent. says:

    You are absoultely hilarious, Be careful though, there are creepy girls from Ontario who will creep the fuck out of you on twitter if you have it, lyss ,, jenn, liz, alesia, darya and some others will follow you.. If any of these names pop up on your facebook , twitter, or anywhere else you have.. DELETe them they are PSYCHOS.

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