The Manvent Calendar: Days 12-14

You call it procrastination, I call it strategy.

Either way, I took the last few days off to come up with something a bit more substantial than 40 words.  Seems to be unfair to force you nice people to come read something lame.  So here goes…


December 12 –

The end of an eight day long road trip that took us to the far reaches of Prince George, BC.  If you’ve followed the posts preceding this one you’ll know what happens when you take in 50 hours on a bus within the span of a week.  The 12th was a much needed day off.  Much of which was spent motionless in my bed dreaming of a skydiving with Sir Isaac Newton.

"...and I was like, 'You heard of the Three Laws of Motion...? This guy' "


The rest of it was spent doing absolutely nothing.  Days off can be like that.  Either way.

December 12th’s Item:

Sleeping Pills (lots and lots of ’em)

Moving on….


December 13th –

The day holds a little more gravity then the rest.  Zak Griffin, long time friend and future godfather of my children Ezio, Altair, and Desmond, turned 21.  From the hours of time spent battling online terrors, to the great victories on the sand, our friendship has remained strong.  Even during the bad times (you know) we clutched up and got the job done.  I look forward to having a conscience while taking on the zombie apocalypse.  That is all.

December 13th’s Item:


Which brings us to today.


December 14th –

A day I set aside as my “buy-all-my-Christmas-gifts-day” so, after practice, I begrudgingly drove over to the Lloyd Center mall, knowing the shopping masses awaited me.  My negative outlook coming into the whole ordeal gave the people I passed an unfair disadvantage.  I started off fine, rolling with the punches, but quickly descended into a full cerebral assault on everyone.  I feel sorry for the poor lady at the “Gold Buyers of America” who asked me if I had any gold I’d like to sell.  Now, I was wearing track pants, sneakers, a shirt that hadn’t seen the business end of an iron in months, and a baseball cap.  I politely rejected her questioning.  The damage had already been done.  “DOES IT LOOK LIKE I WOULD BE INTERESTED IN GOLD, LET ALONE HAVE ANY” my mind was racing.  I had an internal monologue that would break most FBI interrogators.  I quickly moved along to my directive.  I’m down to my final 10% of my list.

December 14th’s Item:

A Stress-ball 


Stay Thirsty My Friends,



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