The Manvent Calendar: Day 8


That’s the song playing as I cross from miles into kilometers at the end of the summer.  Even though my entire home sweet home experience lasted less then half an hour I still figured the Crue deserved a mention.  They do a better job of capturing the last stretch between the border and my house than me screaming out the chorus.  I just do it without the help of narcotics.  Thanks to a scheduling grace, I got the chance to go home, eat some good food with my family, and meet up with one of my good friends.  The whole evening was a cruel taste at Christmas break, which lingers less than two weeks away.  Christmas break being just a cruel taste of summer, just with less 40 hour work weeks.

With the Christmas season rolling in like the questionable weather that’ll no-doubt send Portland drivers into a frenzy,  I can finally throw back gallons of eggnog and Christmas themed confections without getting questionable looks from the people buying groceries.  Even though I try and avoid the easily-judged swarms of shoppers that clog the halls of the good ol’ Lloyd Center, I don’t mind seeing the transformation into full on “Yuletide Battle Mode.”  Crazy people.  Everywhere.

With that in mind

December 8th’s Item:

The Last “Turbo-Man” Action Figure



Stay Thirsty My Friends,

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One Response to The Manvent Calendar: Day 8

  1. wilsonbb says:

    People in general get crazy on the holidays… hense I stay away

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