The Manvent Calendar: Day 6

Post game here in PG with another win in the books.  Saw snow for the first time in months.  Winter, like real winter, is probably in my top five for favorite seasons ever.  Living in Portland for most of the year, and Vancouver (Canada’s Portland) for the rest, I don’t get the real winter experience.  I get snow in the air, sure, but I get dark gray slurpee remains on the ground.  Disappointing to say the least, I used to love everything about the whole winter season.  Sledding at break-neck speeds off of ad hoc ramps, trips to mountains for snowboarding adventures, and lets not forget, the ground is now covered in ammunition.  And with that, I’ll dawn my snow-themed ghillie  suit and be on my way.

Peters' Family Christmas circa 2004

December 6th’s Item:

A Toboggan (with visible signs of improper use)



Stay Thirsty My Friends,



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