The Manvent Calendar: Day 5

Hey there from up in Prince George, otherwise known as the closest the WHL will hopefully ever get to Alaska.  We made the final 9 hours of the trip this morning/afternoon.  Bus life is always interesting, it’s like a live experiment of what happens when testosterone fueled subjects collide in close quarters.  I’m just glad we left Never Back Down off the movie playlist.  Long story short, doesn’t end well.  Everyone becomes an MMA enthusiast.  Team outing tonight was bowling, a sport none of us are close to turning pro at, and it shows.  We have a wide spread in techniques.  I must have had a bad bowling experience growing up because I have nightmares of throwing the ball and seeing my fingers flying away with it.  So I go with the “palm the ball and throw it as hard as you can” technique.  Results vary.  Some pics from the evening.

Derrick Pouliot and Seth Swenson between frames

Josh Hanson giving his best bowling face


That being said, let’s get to the

December 5th Manvent Calendar Item.

A Good Rug w/ Urine Spot (it really tied the room together)


If you caught that, good on you,

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2 Responses to The Manvent Calendar: Day 5

  1. bonghit1 says:

    I hope that movie was on the list.. or at least kingpin (bowling theme)

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