The Manvent Calendar: Day 1

Merry December 1st everyone.

December 1st marks not only the crossover from Movember into Flowecember, but also the beginning of the Month of Manvent.  So, like any advent calendar, I’ll be posting daily stuff that I find in the Manvent calendar.  Deeeeelicious.

So let’s see how it goes.




The Aluminum Festivus Pole from “Seinfeld”



The Aluminum Pole is the first one of the month.  It represents my friends, who may be a tad lighter in number, but I have very strong relationships with.  Now, as I’m going along writing this, I’ve decided to add a TP’s Tips for the Month of Manvent.  So, as all you readers who are still convinced I can throw a few words in a pan and come back with a crispy stir fry, I’ll help make your December just that much more…worded? merry, even.  December 1st’s tip is:

-Set Goals Everyday.  Have something you want to achieve or accomplish by the end of the night.  It may be something major like doing laundry, or something as simple as rebuilding your car engine.


Stay Merry my Friends,



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One Response to The Manvent Calendar: Day 1

  1. Anonymous says:

    You never fail to inspire.

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