Missing the Mark


Dr. Rattie searching for a pulse

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One Response to Missing the Mark

  1. Gina Acosta says:

    I just have to know….did Dr Rattie find the elusive pulse in the shin as he was shown to be doing? Main reason I ask this is because as a CNA, I know that there is a femoral pulse (in the inner thigh), and a pedal pulse (in the foot), but I’m pretty positive that there is no pulse to be find in the vicinity he was in! If so, Dr Rattie should quit his current job (even though he’s quite good at it), and go to medical school! He would have clearly discovered a new pulse that no other doctor has found yet, LOL!! Course there are other regions (shall we say) that he could have been searching for a pulse…for the teams sake, I hope he hasn’t gotten too adventurous with the locale of his searches for a pulse!! And, I hope he remembered to wash his hands, and clean the stethoscope off with alcohol….who knows what kind of germs he may have been exposed to! BAHAHAHA… Seriously, its good to see that you and your teammates know how to be teenagers and have fun, and decompress!! Being a full time athlete with the strenous schedules you all keep doesn’t allow much time for just being kids and having some healthy fun!! Thanks for sharing small tidbits of your life with us Taylor. :)))

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