Football & Pilgrims

It’s that time of year again.  Where millions of people justify consuming thousands and thousands of carbs in the name of tradition.  Actually, come to think of it, every major holiday usually calls for eating a large meal or something equally as lethal (I’m looking at you Halloween.)  Maybe we should be looking into healthier holiday meals instead of * insert current political spending issue.*  Speaking of issues.  I’m not a huge fan of football, and come Thanksgiving everyone bunkers down, get’s all gravied up, and sits in front of the TV to stare at giant Samoans do battle.  I just don’t see the deal with it.  Either way, watching Nickelback play the halftime show is a little discouraging.

Before my door gets kicked in by obnoxiously loud, die hard football fans.  I’d like to take this time, or text space to mention the things that I am thankful for.  Now, I realize it’s a couple days late but it took some thought to process.

-My Parents, for all the unconditional support they’ve given me and their amazing ability to put up with my shenanigans on a daily basis.

-My Sister, her fiery determination, golden pipes, and all her friends that keep me on my toes.

-My Family, Sunday lunches at Grandma’s, awful puns, and having my own cheering section in 90% of the arena’s in the league.

-My Billets, my home away from home.

-My Friends, for the hours and hours we’ve spent wasting time with each other.  Camping, Jack Grendal, and all the stuff in between.

-My Teammates, you beauties.

-My Coaches

-Gags and Richie

-Our fans and their steadfast loyalty.

-The opportunities that I’ve been given, be it in hockey or life.

-People that use their signal lights, take corners without stopping, shoulder check, and know how to drive.

-The feeling you get when you score, as few and far apart as they may be.

-Fresh ice, the ring of the post, the roar of the crowd

-Canadian Iced Tea

-The first chip from a Doritos bag.

-Combustion engines

-Salt Spring Island, MMS’s, and being “Dangerously Straight”

-Airbags and seatbelts

-The Farrrr Tarrrrrs


-Ray-Ban knockoffs

-The internet

-Finding a really catchy song

-The sound of biting an apple

-A cold room and a warm bed

-The most interesting man in the world

-Old spice

-Innovative advertising



-How their bringing “Fear Factor” back just because Joe Rogan is insanely popular to people that love seeing humans terrorized.

-Fighting fire with Fire


-Marvel (but not DC)



-The Periodic table of elements


-The theory of relativity

-Back to the Future

-That mean guy from “Hell’s Kitchen”

-Eminem, a misunderstood genius.

-My Family a second time.

and finally

Girls that know nice guys finish last, but realize that they’re just taking their time.


Stay Thirsty My Friends,



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5 Responses to Football & Pilgrims

  1. Brandon says:

    Taylor the fans are thankful for you (and the teams) hard work game in and game out Thanks.

  2. shallwemosh says:

    I have no clue why I kept reading after “People that use their signal lights, take corners without stopping, shoulder check, and know how to drive.” even though I assumed that the rest of the list (or most of it at least) wouldn’t be as heartfelt as the prior list items.

    But this is a very nice list indeed! Haha.

  3. DJ says:

    you forgot meat buns & ketchup and apple piroshki

  4. Anonymous says:

    and line brawls…

  5. pdxpetey says:

    Or eczema cream

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