Kevin Started the Fire

Of the many professions in the world, few are as noble as firefighting.  Missionaries come close, but their kind of fire is more of a spiritual kind, not a “burn-you-into-a-cartoon-pile-of-ash-and-eyeballs” kind.  Either way, a few days ago, a group of the boys and I got to witness, first hand, what it takes to become a firefighter.  Surprisingly, I was able to tie in lot of things we learned that day, into what we reinforce everyday at the rink.  Communication is vital for the crew’s success and safety.  Knowing your job inside and out; everyone on the crew has to be able to do everyone’s job at a moments notice (including drive.)

Nothing screams "I'm having a good time" like a burned out house.

One of the highlights of the day was having some of the guys do the official Physical Agility Test that everyone on the force has to take annually.  Eight minutes of routine firefighting activities including ascending and descend five stories of stairs with 100ft of rope, a 50ft, 125lb sled pull, and various ladder drills.  The final competitor turned out to be our trainer, Rich Campbell, an ex-NYFD.  Needless to say, the guys had put a bit of pressure on him.  The guy still has it, even if he had to go on his tippy-toes to hang a fan off of a 7ft rack.

The five story climb is also haunted

We also got the chance to charge a hydrant.  Which required a lot less machinery than I previously expected.  So, in the future expect a blog title to be “Why I’m in jail for illegal accessing a fire hydrant.  Should be a good one.

Stay Thirsty My Friends.

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