It’s funny what a car accident can reveal about yourself.

Last night I had the awesome experience of colliding with another driver.  I guess that teaches me for legally going through green lights.  Nevertheless, with a totaled car and a minor case of whiplash, I walked away from the bucket of bolts.  Now, from all the stories I’ve heard about people in accidents, it usually involves both parties screaming, swerving, screeching on their brakes etc.  Here’s my thought process/dialogue from the whole ordeal.

Driving towards intersection:


Thought upon realizing the situation:

“I guess I’m gonna be in this accident.”


*calmly* Really?

Post-accident thinking:

“My music cut out, come’on man.”


The entire process afterwords went fine.  Exchanging of insurance, all that good stuff.  I’m just glad that I hit a young Caucasian male.  Because I can guarantee if I hit any minority or gender that was stereotyped for poor driving, I may be inclined to get a little more disgruntled at the fact they couldn’t tell the difference between a red light and a green light.


Stay Thirsty My Friends,

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3 Responses to Crash

  1. bonghit1 says:

    if it was in portland, good chance of a red light camera shot!

  2. Stuart Kemp says:

    Glad you are alright. Sorry about the car. Hope the missing car is short lived! Good luck on the swing!!!

  3. Mike says:

    This has nothing to do with your last post. Your writing is great, I can really appreciate someone who is engulfed in junior hockey, yet find the time and energy to put thoughts together so well. You have the writing style of Chuck Klosterman and Dave Eggers. Check out some of their books if you haven’t already. Best of luck to you in hockey and never give up that pen and paper. You have a great future ahead of you.

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