Milburn Pennybags


This guy… Milburn Pennybags also known as “Mr. Monopoly” or “Rich Uncle Pennybags”

For those of you who have been living under a rock for every moment up until reading this sentence, this man is the face of the best selling board game of all time, and with new board games popping up with the same daunting frequency as two-bit “reality” shows, it’s a pretty impressive feat.

So, being a top-selling board game that is world renown and a leader in all time board game revenue, what would be a logical course of action.  Partner with the highest grossing fast food chain of all time.   I’ve never seen “Teen Mom” get this kind of deal.  Oh, and that chain I was talking about…?


This guy.

Albino, ginger, where’s Waldo, Stewie Griffin mix has been pumping Americans and the world full of greasy goodness since 1955.  The golden arches pulled in the staggering $32.4 billion dollars in 2010.   Topic of criticism and cult-like loyalty for years.  Now, I’ve never had any kind of weight problem in my life so I’ve never developed a guilty conscience about junk.  And when the Monopoly/Mcdonald’s two headed monster roars, I come a running.  It’s almost shameful how easily my opinion is swayed based off of good advertising.  I’ve smelled like Old Spice’s Swagger ever since I was told to “look at my man.”


Stay Thirty My Friends,



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2 Responses to Milburn Pennybags

  1. Anonymous says:

    the thing about Mc’Ds – they have 18 ingredients in the bacon, specifically formulated much like cigarettes:

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m not that influenced by good advertising. Unless the advertisement has bacon in it. When you think about it, that’s probably why bacon is a breakfast item. Nothing could stir me from my sleep of the dead except for sweet delicious pig candy.

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