Welcome Back

Well it’s be a great few weeks, sorry for not updating more frequently, but thanks to the increased traveling done over that time my laptop power cord stopped being a power cord and became a surprisingly useful maid deterrent.  So, needless to say, my iPod didn’t do the job, thankfully, the new cord is supposed to be here Thursday.  In the mean time.


Last time I did an update I was in the Portland Airport complaining about bad parents.  That was just over three weeks ago.  A lot has gone on since then.  Minnesota was a great experience, I got the opportunity to meet everyone in their organization as well as their players; all of whom are first rate guys.  I managed to sneak into a pre-season game against the St. Louis Blues a day before heading back home.  In the meantime, Winterhawks season has started with a bang.  That bang being a three in three.  Interesting story, I actually landed Friday at just after four and arrived at the rink a fashionably late 5:27, minutes before the start of our first meeting.  So the three in three actually turned into a four in four.  Good times.


Moving to a couple days ago.  My first day off in three weeks.  I planned ahead and had an entire day of stuff to get completed.  Among that list was getting a new suit, shoes, and phone.  I set off the next morning with a mission.  I quickly knocked out the new suit, moving on the a new phone.  I headed to downtown Portland to find a new pair of shoes.  As a guy, I found something that I liked and quickly purchased it, and left.

This is where another story interjects.  Upon trying to get into my car a few days before, I found that someone had tried to get into my car using a screwdriver.  Rendering the driver side keyhole completely useless. So my only way into my car is by unlocking the passenger door, reaching through and unlocking the driver side from the inside of the car.

I reached in through the car, unlocked my side, got out and rushed out of traffic to the driver side of the door.  As I pulled out of my spot along the side of the road, a woman swerved in behind me, honking at my and pointing at me.  I did as anyone would do when attacked without reason, acted irrationally and began doing the same thing back, and when I lose my mind in a car, in gets heated.  The altercation lasted just over ten seconds, until a man walked around my car and knocked on my window.  Flight or fight reflexes fired all through my body.  At that point it was when the man in the street calmly reached onto my roof and pulled off the shoe box that I had left on my car.

I’m an idiot.  Life just lets you know.


Stay Thirsty My Friends,


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One Response to Welcome Back

  1. Stuart Kemp says:

    Glad to have you back. I expect it will be our last year with you though. In the meantime, light the lamp, bury the biscuit and all that… Great start once you came back, it’s like you never left!

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