Good Luck Fishing

There are some things in life that I can let slide with relative ease: accidents, lack of response in text conversations, a messed up drill in practice, that kind of thing.  However, I am very prideful and protective when it comes to my family, friends, and country.  So when someone has the gall to knock the 604, I feel somewhat inclined to take action.

Now, I can understand the argument that’s being made.  Vancouver did recently rip into the NHL over the riots in an act of what is clearly a planned attempt to cover their own hides.  I’m not disagreeing on any level, but at least do it in a respectful manner.  This is appalling, especially for a somewhat popular writer to sink down to such frequent cursing.  You want to know why the riots started?  Yeah, their were a lot of people congregated, but it only took one idiot to spark the metaphorical and literal fire.  Speaking of idiots, turns out constant swearing shows a lack of intelligence.  And if you want to start pointing out generalities, the whole tough guy swearing piece might show why it’s a popular blog in Boston in the first place.  Hey, but what do I know.

Unfortunately at this point, freedom of speech still exists.  So everyone’s stuck with our opinions for now.

Stay Thirsty My Friend,


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