What’s Wrong With Movies: IOU

Well, in this case, not all that much.

“The Debt” is well written with a handful of great acting performances.  The storyline was refreshing and had enough action to keep the audience on it’s toes until the unexpected twist at the end.  If you’ve read any of my stories, you may have noticed I like beginning with the end to spark interest then starting the actually story.  No better is this done than in this film.  From the plethora of pros the only con I can derive is that there aren’t any notable songs.  The score is exactly what the movie needs, but I would have liked a popular song snuck in somewhere.  Just my opinion.  Movie wise, I’d recommend you check it out when it hits theaters friday.


On a slightly different note, if any of you were wondering, the stories have been put on hold and I’m currently working on a screenplay.  Weird right, anyways.

Stay Thirsty My Friends,

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One Response to What’s Wrong With Movies: IOU

  1. Cathy Kemp says:

    All around a good movie even a couple of scenes that’ll make you jump in your seat 🙂

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