What’s Wrong With Movies: Horrorble

Horror movies aren’t know for their thick, well developed characters and plots, or at least they aren’t anymore.  It’s been more than a decade since a horror film was even nominated for a ‘Best Picture’ award (1999’s The Sixth Sense.)  In my opinion, horror films have become less and less of a legitimate genre and now it  has slowly started sliding into the gutter.  That being said, there’s been a few diamonds in the rough since the 90’s like the original “Saw” in 2002, the zombie thriller “28 Days Later” in 2004 and “The Orphanage” in 2007.

At one time horror films were mentally stimulating while being simultaneously horrifying, but it seems as if the industry has laid down some serious budget cuts for the entire horror sector.  And even if this was the case, why does “Paranormal Activity”, which was filmed on a $15,000 budget, still remains to be one of the scariest films I’ve seen.  I’m now on a four film losing streak with horror movies so it was only a matter of time before it got to a point where it warranted public scrutiny.

Pictured: Thirteen hundred "Paranormal Activities"

Here’s a somewhat generalized horror plot.

Family moves into new house.
One family member begins to experience supernatural occurrences.
Father denies any possibility of said supernatural occurrences.
Outside sources are contracted (Exorcist, Psychologist, etc)
Elder character suddenly reveals supernatural past to a non-father character.
Father denies any possibility of said supernatural occurrences.
Remainder of family becomes estranged.
Father denies any possibility of said supernatural occurrences.
Entire family experiences the supernatural occurrence.
Family defeats/is murdered by the supernatural.

If you can definitively tell me what movie I’m describing, leave it in the comments.

Stay Thirsty My Friends,

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