Vancouver, what have you done.

Under a year ago we were a beacon to the world, ushering in athletes and tourists from around the planet.  No city on Earth can match the balanced attack of asthetic pleasures that you have to offer.  Yet now, on the wrong side of an amazing season, you throw it all away because you didn’t get the big shiny cup.  In what twisted reality is the act of rioting justified.  Who among us has the insatiable hunger to the point where the only pleasure stems from causing pandemoneom.  I was privy to the unfolding destruction as the city slowly began to fuel it’s own anger.  One quote from 9:30 and 10:30 that night.

“It’s pretty controlled right now,  police are doing a good job of dispersing crowds.” (9:30)

“It is a gruesome scene tonight as rioters and looters run the streets.” (10:30)

From what I gather, liquor, while still a factor, was not the deciding factor here.  Police reports are showing evidence towards planned riots and organized criminal intention.  Yet organized seems to honorable; predatory? moronic? shameful.  People’s lives were put in danger.  Friends’ accounts of the situation painted a terrifying picture of being stuck between the cops’ tear gas and raging car fires.

If you’ve read this article you’ll realize how big social media is playing in the distribution of discipline.  If not, here is a website set up with the sole purpose of snitching on rioters.  While honorable in principle, I don’t agree with this.  Perhaps its my instinctive distaste towards ratting out my fellow man.  Maybe I’m just a tad bitter I didn’t come up with it first.  One thing I’m positive about is that if anything is going to set us back to “1984” the continued usage of this type of website will be the gateway.

Also, Maddie L, whoever you are, saying that “perhaps the tsunami happened on wrong coast,” is incredibly insensitive and is in no way a just recourse of action for the events of last night.  Next time you think up a witty insult to throw at a burning city, consider the hundreds of thousands of lives that have been lost during tsunamis.

Big Brother is Watching,

P.S. A few postivies

Riot police walk the street as a couple kiss on June 15, 2011 in Vancouver, as the city broke out in riots, following the Vancouver Canucks loss in game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals.

… it’s like they emptied out the street for them.

Please watch Kenzie’s film acting project and help her reach the most views for next year.

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3 Responses to Ashamed

  1. Agreed and nicely put!

    This has ruined Vancouver after the amazing reputation it was having so far including with the Winter Olympics last year which was a huge thing for our city!

    People clearly need to learn how to be grateful that the Canucks have gone very far in this competition after so many years of trying but they didn’t have to take it too far with the disappointment. They should really need to learn how to calm down and realize it’s just a game. You either win or lose. That’s how it is. Deal with it… but in a civilized manner!

    Anyways, people need to be less negative and aggressive in this case -sigh-

  2. Btw love your sister’s video! I’ll spread the video =D I never knew Kenzie was such a great actress!!! =) All the best for her ! =D

  3. Christy says:

    Why are we raising and teaching our future children’s to behave like this? It’s so sad that something that should bring people together results in this.

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