To The Bandwagon!!

There’s no way getting around it, Vancouver is bursting at the seams in anticipation for the arrival of a Stanley Cup. Giant seas of blue and green flood the streets and congregate around massive outdoor televisions on game night. Rogers Arena, which holds a little under 19,000 people has been sold out for fans watching the game live from Boston on the scoreboard. Even as crazy as that seems, the tickets for the event were only 10$ a pop, a bit cheaper then a cup of beer from the concession. For fans trying to get into the real deal, expect to pay, literally, 1000% more for a ticket. That’s even after a price reduction. At this rate, Vancouver’s going to have their own Jimmy McMillan running for “The Tickets Are Too Damn Expensive Party.”

Needless to say, I’m impressed, yet, disappointed at the same time. Sure, the thousands of people standing shoulder to shoulder to watch their team compete is inspiring, but a few months ago I can guarantee half those people didn’t even watch the first playoff series. This whole Canuck craziness is just another trend for come-and-go fans to show that they have a bit of extra change to throw at making sure they look like a suave Vancouverites. Rogers Arena has become some kind of hierarchical Valhalla for the drunken masses outside. Where everyone hears stories of the wonders that lie inside the doors. I’m just waiting for a group of fans to get smart and bring out a battering ram to one of the gates and tear open a hole for the rest of the population outside the arena. Think of it as a “they-can’t-arrest-us-all” mind set. Speaking of which.

"Hurry brothers; doth thou want to miss thee third?"

Heard on the radio today that there were 800 liquor pour-outs during game 2 in Vancouver, which isn’t bad until you consider that there were over 15,000 people outside watching the game. Sure there’s a strong police presence during these events, but at some point it’s going to break. I’m betting, win or lose, if the cup champion is chosen on Canadian soil, all of Vancouver will be rioting/partying until they send the parade/armored trucks down Robson.

Stay Thirsty My Friends,

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