Don Quixote

I drove by a construction site today, beside the company logo was a small signed reading “ESTIMATORS WANTED.”

I shouted “6”.

Don’t think I got the job.


Is Chivalry sexist?

The question popped into my head during one of the more menial tasks this afternoon (garbage duty) when one of the guys held a door open for me as I carried out a stack of 2 by 4’s.  At the time I thought nothing of it, but as the day wore on and I began weaving in more and more factors I started to recognize that the sheer act of being aided indirectly shows the inferiority of the one being helped.  Even if the majority of the time, the one offering a hand is in no way trying to express this.  The first thing that came to my mind was a guy’s instinctive stubbornness to asking for directions.  Where, in many cases, getting lost is better than admitting you are.  Somehow I turned it into manners then, on a tangent, it became the previously stated question.  The example that I constantly use is a dinner/date night situation.  The guy opens car/restaurant/theater doors, pulls out chairs and is maybe even insane enough to drop his coat on a puddle.  Depending on the type of gal you are, it might all be charming, yet, I’d find it hard to believe that same situation to seem as equally appealing time and time again (I’d run out of jackets.)  Too much of a good thing.  Something would have to give, in my mind constantly being cared for would get annoying in a hurry, and why?  I don’t need constant assistance to do everyday things such as walking, exiting a car, or sitting.  In my opinion, someone being constantly chivalrous to another is like saying “I trust you to be able to complete the tasks of as a 15th century chamber maid, so I shall guide your every move.”

Traditionalism has become cliche to the point of absurdity.  To be fair, I have to see the other end of the spectrum, from experience, the act of chivalry does come across as very charming in most cases and I’m sure there isn’t a female out there who doesn’t mind being saved by the “knight in shining armor” character.  All I’m saying is that the whole nostalgic feeling surrounding chivalry may not be all it’s hyped up for.

Stay Thirsty My Friends,

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