Out of the Frying Pan…

I have reinforced my respect for the working class.  As much as you can say that bussing 12+ hours every once in a while is a grind, working eight hours a day will do just as much damage.  I’m not complaining, my work keeps me as far away from a cubicle as I ever hope to be.  Wednesday I trekked all the way to Furry Creek, a small town on the historic Sea-to-Sky highway.  It was an hour and a half drive and during it I realized something.

Vancouver wins at nature.

I do love getting the chance to work in the sunshine every once in a while.  I’ve even gotten my annual base burn out of the way.  The only setback being the majority of my torso was left out so I’m in the middle of this tan/pale delay on certain parts of my body.  For now, I’ll stick with putting sunscreen on the already dark spots and hoping for the best with everything else.

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