The Swing of Things

I’m cutting back the updates to three or four a week instead of daily.  Life in the off-season is quite possibly more busy than it was a few months ago.  It’s been less than two full days and I’ve already put in eight hours of work.  Training won’t start for another couple days, which’ll knock of a few more hours in the day.  Don’t take this as me complaining, I would much rather be busy throughout the day then spend countless hours sleeping or in front of a TV.  There’s no such thing as being negatively active in my opinion, unless you just had heart surgery or something.

It has been nice to sleep in my own bed the last two nights.  Though, I do wonder how the geese are fairing back in Portland since I released a car load of their natural predators into the surrounding wildlife.  Then again over-irritating them could cause them to become to strong to control.  Kind of like using antibiotics to much, I’d create some hideous mutated super-goose.  I’m still bitter about not being able to adopt one of the goslings, next year.

After being away from home for so long, it was easy for me to bring a lot of Portland up north this time.  A slightly more aggressive driving attitude, the ability to spot hipsters a mile away, and the astonishment at sunshine.  Seeing as Vancouver is somewhat similar to Portland, I quickly began drawing interesting comparisons between the neighboring countries:

– Nobody obeys the flashing ‘Don’t Walk’ sign… anywhere

– In the last two days, I’ve had just as many sunny days as I had in the last three months of time in Portland.

– In Canada, crazy people can come into stores.

– I don’t get arrested anymore for pumping gas.

All For Now,

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2 Responses to The Swing of Things

  1. Mark says:

    Find your sticks or are they gone?

  2. anonymous says:

    what are the natural predators of geese?

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