The Road: Day 49

” Though I am at the presipice of defeat, fear is yet to overwhelm me.” -TP

It’s another rare sunshiny day in Portland.  Even the geese seem to be in a better mood, though it’s hard to tell when their only form of communication seems to be hissing.  I managed to get a glimpse of the eggs while the female was repositioning herself on them.  Those things are large, like a baseball and a half.  To be fair I’ve never seen goose eggs so my expectations were completely made up.  Good news is, I saw a separate family of geese with goslings this morning which means that my nemisis’… nemisii… nemesises? my two animal enemies will be following suit soon.  Then I’ll exact my revenge.

Moving on.  Tonight is do or die.  Thankfully, we’ve got 10,000 insanely awesome fans standing to support us, and either way, win or lose, tonight isn’t just about us, it’s about everyone, the team, the staff, the fans, everyone.  Something about rising together except better than the Trailblazers because it turned out less than successful.  Lets go with this.

Instead of this.

All For Now,

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4 Responses to The Road: Day 49

  1. austnsmom says:

    Taylor, I am always impressed with your writting. You seem to say exactly what needs to be said. We as the staff, and the fans are behind each and every team member, everyone not only believes in you individually, but as a team. In the end no matter what the outcome of tonight, know that the 10K+ will be standing tall in honour of the sacrifice, commitment, determination, will power and heart this team has. As cliche as it is “Dig Deep” because everything you need is already inside.

  2. Carolyn Jurca says:

    Amen! All the Best tonight!

  3. bonghit1 says:

    nice job this year, cant wait for next season! Ill be there urging you on to fight more 🙂

  4. Jeffery Carman says:

    Great season! I am proud of you all and I look forward to next year!

    Get some rest and have some fun this summer.

    And good luck with those geese. If you need some help let me know 🙂

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