The Road: Day 48

Another long day of busing.

I can’t say that the last few days have really gone our way.  With two OT losses in the last two games, morale is low, but confidence is still high.  Especially coming home to another sold out Rose Garden tomorrow evening.  Last home game, during that four goal push in the third, was the loudest I’ve ever heard any crowd, ever.  If we’re getting this deep into spring and still playing hockey you might as well win.  Especially since with a win tomorrow night, we say goodbye to our bus trips and hello to chartered flights.  Hooray.

Pictured: Hockey Season

Speaking of bus trips, it’s been interesting to witness the evolution of the team’s collective attitude from the start of the year to this last trip that we’ve had.  At the beginning of the year, verbal jabbing took the form of somewhat eloquently articulated insults.  With a motive and possibly acceptable grammar.  Throughout the countless hours of time spent around one another, we’ve devolved into childish mimicry to the point at which anyone’s statements are twisted into goonish shrieks and tone deaf jeers.  Could make for an interesting thesis paper one day.  The Gradual Deterioration of Collective Intelligence.

All For Now,

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One Response to The Road: Day 48

  1. Carolyn Jurca says:

    I bet you could get published in the Harvard Business Review, American Psychology, or MADD Magazine. Your professors would love it!

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