The Road: Day 47

Game (4) Day.  A bit of a heart-breaker last night with the overtime loss.  I’d imagine the Ice felt the same way after the first game, coming back late and winning in overtime.  It just goes to show how tight the series has been so far.  Each game has been won by a single goal if you don’t count their empty net tally in the second game.  It definitely is some of the most intense hockey I’ve ever been apart of.  Speaking of hockey.

The IIHF World Hockey Championships are going on in Bratislava, Slovakia.  Canada plays Russia in the first playoff round tomorrow afternoon.  Seeing as hockey is the sport in Canada, it made me think about “The Two Escobars,” a documentary on Pablo and Andres Escobar and their dominance of Cuba.  A lot of the movie was about Pablo’s involvement with the Cuban National Soccer team, on which Andres played.  As the movie unfolds, Cuba, the tournament favourite, gets eliminated in the first round of the World Cup.  Andres accidently scoring the only goal against.  Upon returning home it is just a matter of time and Andres is shot and killed.  While it’s not that life or death up north, I can imagine a first round upset would be equally as infuriating as it was for the Cuban people.

The “Coach” videos haven’t been working lately, so here’s a change of pace.

All For Now,

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One Response to The Road: Day 47

  1. Debbie says:

    Good video. Ya know, theres an ex-Hawk in those 31 seconds of speachlessness.

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