The Road: Day 45

“Beautiful British Columbia” -BC License Plates

And beautiful it is.  Even if the second part of our trek from Portland to Kootenay took about two hours longer than expected.  Our bus ran across a blasting zone and was stopped for little under an hour.  By this point we had already been driving for a couple hours, so needless to say the boys were itching to get off the bus.  Some of us trekked to the river running alongside the highway for a dip, others stayed and kicked a soccer ball around for the duration.  I had forgotten the sheer awesomeness of the frosted mountain ranges and lush green landscapes.  Makes me remember why I love camping so much.

Pictured: My Ideal Summer

Something about being surrounded by trees and roughing it out in the wilderness makes you appreciate the world.  Moving on.

Kenzie, thank you for being born.  You’re like a brother to me.  I love you very much.

All For Now,

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