The Road: Day 41

“Been around the world and found that only stupid people are breeding.”  – Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger

That line kept running through my head on the way home.  I’m not sure what it is about traffic, but the average driver’s IQ must drop at least forty points.  Today I got caught up on this long winding hill coming down to my house.  It’s probably a mile long.  I figured out the pattern of the traffic movements, reclined my seat all the way back and left off the gas every twenty seconds or so.  It worked pretty well until I woke up to find myself halfway through the front doors of the Sellwoood Funeral Home.  Life has a way of warning us I guess.  Once I realigned and got back on my way I noticed a small sign that read out “SELLWOOD BRIDGE IS FALLING DOWN” in an army grade stencil font. Sellwood bridge being the towering structure looming less than five hundred feet from my house.  It’s also the bridge I took everyday to and from school for the first two years in Portland.

It’s a valid argument, even if it is a scare tactic.  The bridge scored 2 out of 100 on a safety rating scale.  Ironically, a highway bridge in Minnesota collapsed in November 2007, it’s rating… 50.  Every time I get near it I make sure I’m ready for any disastrous falls.  There’s a vote on the 17th about the future of the bridge.

About the sign, it’s nice to see one that gets straight to the point.  I wish there were more of them around Portland:  this one’s for you guys.

That made me laugh (cause I made it),

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2 Responses to The Road: Day 41

  1. Tuzzi says:

    Lol they could use that sign everywhere!!

  2. Brian Moore says:

    Please please make these signs. Do you have one for all the bikes? I think they should be fair game on the roads…..

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