The Road: Day 40

“May the Fourth Be With You.” -Tons of just really funny people.

You know who you are, think you’re so clever with your “may the fourth.”  Don’t blame me for my attitude.  I was raised on horrible puns (and veggie tales, but that’s a different story.)  That being said, it’s spring, and for some reason it’s sunny in Portland.  I started thinking of past summers and hearing the phrase “it’s a beautiful day outside, go play.”  Just because the temperature is more bearable does that make parents instantly obligated to force their children away from the house.  Do birds throw their eggs out of the nest just because the sun’s shining?  Ironically, I did go outside as soon as I got home, it’s nice to see people trying to fish, which brings me to another point.

Leisure Fishers must be a strange breed.  To wake up at an ungodly hour to get out of bed to sit motionless on a boat/dingy/innertube waiting to trick a fish into dying.  I think I’ll pass.

All For Now,

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