The Road: Day 39

“Accept the challenge so you can feel the exhilaration of victory.” George S. Patton

Our exhilaration was six hours of bus time and a day off.   Not surprisingly, winning the Western Conference has been one of the most intense and exciting times I’ve ever had.  Having the whole team come together like we have over the last eight months has been awesome, even if it has been a long time.  I didn’t even realize that it was already May.  I’ve never been away from home this late in the season.  Moving on.

We got Osama.  Hooray.  Honestly, America, I’m proud of you.  I just can’t wait for the next Call of Duty game where one of the levels is breaking into his compound and popping one in his head.  If you think that’s too far, play the first level of Black Ops (you shoot and kill Fidel Castro.)  I was in the middle of watching Fast Five with the tewam when a number of glowing phones were pulled out.  Seth leaned over to me and whispered, “We Killed Osama.”  Impressive, I thought.  Just one question, why drop him in the ocean.

Food For Thought (and fish),

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2 Responses to The Road: Day 39

  1. Tuzzi says:

    Cause of Islam tradition bro and maybe the fish were hungry lol

  2. Erin Durst says:

    Apparently Islamic tradition requires that the remains be put to rest within 24 hours, so they had to do SOMETHING with the body ASAP; however, they didn’t want to bury him on land because they thought that extremists would make a shrine out of that location and they wanted to avoid glorifying bin Laden in that way. Hence, the burial at sea.

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