The Road: Day 36

“I used to play hockey. That was my original thing. My first thing, I wanted to play professional hockey.” -Rob Zombie

A very quick turnaround from last nights contest. If you can call it a contest with that unfavorable result. We’re being put up in a Portland hotel for the time being, within walking distance of the rose quarter. I’m not worried about tonight, in the past and even in these playoffs we’ve been able to respond well after losing. Hopefully we can make history repeat itself tonight.

I found out that this morning was the “March for Babies.” Just babies. Not a specific issue such as congenital defects. Now, i’m all for fundraisers (and babies), but it makes me think about George Costanza’s “The People Fund: Money for People.” Anyone who get’s the reference, good for you. When I was younger I took part in a couple Sun Run’s in Vancouver. So I started thinking about a few fundraisers I could come up with.

“Dash for Those Lost in Last Year’s Dash”

A 100 m sprint that slowly funnels into a two meter wide finish line. Winner get’s their medical bills covered and never has to participate again.

All For Now,

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