The Road: Day 34

“Pain is temporary, but quitting is forever” – Lance Armstrong

Hooray for winning, but a game does not a series make.  Still feels good though.  Even with the day off, we still have a pretty full schedule with various meetings and meals.  A soldier’s duty never ceases.  Friday and Saturday’s back-to-back games should be even more intense.  But more pressing news.

Happy birthday Kurtis, without you, it wouldn’t even be fair.  From hockey, baseball, and volleyball, to that one year where we ran Qwanoes, we’ve always had each others backs.  Stay thirsty my friend.  Oh, and  Jack Grendel has my gift.

So here’s to all the good times, past, present, and future.  Much love.
TP out,

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3 Responses to The Road: Day 34

  1. Patrick says:

    Big goal last night. I was a bit nervous when it went into your skates. Great game!

  2. bonghit1 says:

    how did that elbow? taste, during leipsic’s goal!

  3. MH says:

    Was at the game in Spokane behind your bench. Big goal, me and my buddy were the only noise in that whole building when you scored shorthanded. Shut up the Spokane fans for a bit. Big win. Keep up the effort.

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