The Road: Day 26

“Talking about practice” – Allen Iverson

First full practice after the Kelowna series.  I’ll say it again, it’s funny to see how sloppy a practice gets after two days away from hockey.  Couple that with the scrambled lines of a few young guns and you’ve got a pretty gritty ice time on your hands.  I wouldn’t be too worried, it’s a weekly occurrence.  Only an octopus away from the memorial cup and a league championship.  If you know what I’m referring to, well done.

A while ago I mentioned the ongoing feud I’ve been having with two Canada Geese who’ve taken up residence on the dock.  The situation has reached GooseCon 4.  Dayle the Male Goose has overstepped his boundaries and now can be found on my porch daily.  Evidently, he is inexperienced in the art of warfare because he comes unarmed.  I, however, am always prepared for man-on-goose combat.  Just this afternoon, the cunning beast narrowly avoided my bear trap.  Tomorrow I’ll have a industrial size Acme anvil hung precariously over the edge of my balcony.  Although, I have already planted a seed of distrust in the female, Dougetta.

Pictured: Espionage

On the Front Lines,

P.S. Almost forgot to mention that today is the dopest day of the year.

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2 Responses to The Road: Day 26

  1. Tuzzi says:

    Lol gettem! I got what u meant by octopus 🙂

  2. Kallie says:

    Your ongoing battle with Dayle and Dougetta reminds me of an obnoxious rooster when I was younger. This rooster would wait for my brother and I at our bus stop everday, and then would proceed to chase us up our driveway to our house. We had to carry a broom with us to and from the bus stop for protection!

    Goodluck on round 3! You guys will do great!!! Will be at the RG cheering the team on!!

    BTW- Nice shades!

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