The Road: Day 25

“Onto round three.” -Myself

No word as of yet on who we’re playing in the next round.  Spokane can wrap up the series tonight in their game against Tri-Cities.  Looking forward, I couldn’t tell which team I’d want to play.  Both of them have posed a challenge during the season and it would really just be a lesser of two evils at this point.  An interesting fact I’d like to point out is that out of the five remaining teams in the entire league, three are from the American Division.  Goes to show that we could have ended up with a different record at the end of the year had we been in one of the weaker ones.  Moving on.

One of the movies we checked out on the bus was “The Bad Lieutenant” starring Nicholas Cage.  It’s a cop/drug/thriller movie where Cage has some less than legal tendencies.  By the end of the film he eventually frames Xzibit and gets the girl with a lot of shady scenes as filler.  While he was getting into all these moral fixes I started thinking about laws in general.  What makes something right or wrong.  If the founding fathers had been somewhat psychopathic, would the constitution be a bit more lenient towards certain issues.  Another thing, I guarantee if there weren’t so many bad connotations surrounding marijuana  use (gangs, etc) it would have never been declared illegal in the first place.  And don’t say it’s illegal because drugs kill people, if they used mortality as the deciding factor I’d guarantee that you’d see addicts freebasing caramelized sugar in back alleys.  It’s just a matter of time before the majority realizes that, in America, obesity causes more deaths than drug abuse, firearms, and traffic accidents… combined.  Japan’s already implemented a “Fat Tax”, but by their standards I still need to shave a little of the sides.

Back to pot.  In my opinion, it should be treated like alcohol.  Declare a legal toxicity and age limit for usage.  Tax the selling of it and bam… deficit gone.


All For Now,

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3 Responses to The Road: Day 25

  1. Erin Durst says:

    It would most likely also reduce the violence from the current drug wars in Mexico.

  2. Dave says:

    I can’t say I disagree. Getting it done is another thing alltogether. It would mean that Senators and Congress people would actually have to comprehend and act on the needs of the people. There is way too much cocksmanship and bi-partisan bullshit in our Government for that. The needs of the people have long been forgotten.

  3. Chad says:

    These things make for good opportunities for history lessons.

    Beer brewers pushed for the outlawing of pot:

    This is much the same as how Rockefeller paid Ford to switch his carburetors over to gasoline, as the first ones ran off of methanol (distilled from hemp).

    Prior to 1913 in the US, there wasn’t an income tax. The majority of the taxes were raised as sales tax on alcohol. In order to ban alcohol, a new revenue source was needed. Therefore, prohibition also brought with it the income tax as we know it – which is a total loose-loose.

    Personally, I feel it is important to learn history, if only in a futile attempt to avoid repeating it.

    Looking forward to the Spokane series and beyond.

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