The Road: Day 21

“Together we rise” – Flobots

Had the opportunity to meet up with my folks this afternoon as they are coming to take in what I hope to be the final game of our series against Kelowna.  Unfortunately, we met in the heart of downtown Portland just after noon, where pedestrians were going about their frenzied routes.  If you’ve been reading my posts, you’ll notice that I frequently touch on the subject of Portland’s pedestrians.  More specifically, my dislike for them (I opted to have them legally declared “free game” when caught jay-walking.)  Today was no different,  as I made my way through the one way streets and countless stop signs I came close to “intercepting” a man calmly walking under a green light.  He was wearing a long hooded jacket that reached past his knees.  Years ago I would have been surprised by seeing this, but like a mortician, if you see something every day, you get used to it.  Seeing as he did a spot on job of being a Jedi, I took the opportunity to quote Star Wars: Episode II.

“Why do I get the feeling you’ll be the death of me?”

lightsabers would solve so many of my problems

All For Now,

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