The Road: Day 20

Our second leg of the trek home.  Thankfully, it’s a lot easier to pass out in the morning than it is to try after a game.  Once again we passed back within an hour of my house as we left Abbottsford.

The ride’s got me thinking about home.  One of the things I miss about home, besides the Sunday lunches at Grandma’s house, is the pure unabated fun that my friends and I have during the summer.  From taking in UFC Events on TV, to relaxing in the hot tub after a long day, to our unfair advantage in the summer volleyball league.  But, a fair amount of the fun we’ve had has been playing video games.  Anyone who’s tried to beat “Run to the Hills” on Expert on Rock Band can sympathize with our efforts.  One of the craziest games we play is “Marvel Ultimate Alliance,” a four player game where each user chooses his or her own character from the Marvel Universe.  My player of choice, while it used to be Wolverine (Canadian by the way) is Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange.

Now, I realize that Dr. Strange is probably one of the lesser known characters in the Marvel Universe.  I mean, his only movie is a feature length animated (Pokemon animated, not Wall-E animated) film that went straight to DVD and his first comic appearance was in July of 1963.  Here’s his fictional history.

Doctor Strange originally went by Dr. Stephen Strange, a world renowned neurosurgeon with an ego to match.  Strange was known to only take cases that would put him into medical magazines and further his reputation.  His ego alienated his associates and any love interests.  One fateful night, a car accident left him with both his hands rendered useless, ruining his surgical career.  Desperate for a cure, the Doctor traveled around the globe, spending every dollar he had on treatments and medication, with no avail.  After almost giving up, he’s directed to the Himalayas to meet the Ancient One.  The Ancient One refuses to help Strange because of his selfishness, but does sense a good side to Strange which he attempts to bring to the surface.   He fails, but Strange’s goodness ignites when he discovers the Ancient One’s disciple, Baron Mordo, has conspired to kill him.  In a selfless act, Strange would attempt to thwart the traitorous disciple.  The act would show the Ancient One Strange’s true side.  He is then taught the ways of the mystic arts.

On a side note, one of the abilities gained during the game was that of being able to magically turn enemies into boxes.  This understandably ignited an inside joke among us where we would turn to an unsuspecting victim, wave our hands, and say “you’re a box.” 

All For Now,

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