The Road: Day 19

Game Day.

I think tonight’s result will be a deciding factor in the series.  The boys are ready to dive head-first into the battle once again.  Yesterday’s result gave me 100% confidence in our teams ability to succeed.  Don’t take my words as a guarantee for a win,  I just think that we have the ability to do it.

If anyone read the “Call to Arms” post yesterday, feel free to type in John Steigerwald’s name in google.

Huge win tonight, realized something tonight.  Our opinion of punishment is objective.  If we’re the culprit in the situation, we plead for leniency.  However, in the odd chance we’re the victim.  There is no length we will not go to for justice.  On the ice I can usually suppress any urges for acting out.  Today, I was caught with a stick and, uncharacteristically, went ballistic.  Could have been the stitches I needed, but I became the hockey equivalent of The Punisher.

Like this on skates

Busing to Chilliwack tonight, then back to Rip City tomorrow.

All For Now,

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2 Responses to The Road: Day 19

  1. Stuart says:

    We believe that the hawks, if playing as a team, will conquer all, including tonight’s contest! We expect a long bus ride back to Portland, but it’ll go by faster up 3-1. There are hundreds of fans that gathered for game 3 at 2 viewing parties and expect that and more tonight!
    GO HAWKS!!!

  2. Kim says:

    Taylor, congratulations on your first goal in the playoffs. Well deserved! The Hawks played a great game last night, and I am very much looking forward to Friday night at home. Still wearing the white shoes???

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