Call to Arms

Readers, tonight I’d like to call you to arms.

If you’ve seen recent baseball highlights, you’ll know the story of Bryan Stow.  “Stow, a 42-year-old paramedic and father of two, remains in a coma after he was attacked by two men wearing Dodger gear after the team’s season opener last week. He has shown signs of brain damage, according to family members.” (Los Angeles Daily News)  Part of his skull had to be removed to allow for swelling.

Bryan Stow with his 12-year-old son and 8-year old daughter.

I realize that there are many people who read these posts because you’re fans of the Winterhawks, and as a player, I know how intense and passionate fans can become.  This being said, I know that fights can break out among fans during games.  Both parties are usually aware of what’s going to happen and I’m all for some healthy rivalry between team supporters.  This instance was a disgrace.  Currently there is a $100,000 reward for the capture of the two suspects.  I’d hope anyone reading this is smarter than the two Neanderthals responsible.  The issue I’d like to bring up is what I started with.

Before this starts, I’d like to clarify some things.  I am not a writer, I have not a degree of any level in literature, composition, or journalism.  But if I was, I’d take my job pretty seriously.  I fear that columnist John Steigerwald is in the wrong profession.  Steigerwald, who writes every Sunday for the Observer-Reporter, published an article on the 10th titled “Know when you’ve outgrown the uniform.”  Read it here

First thing I noticed, he incorrectly references the victim as Bryan Snow.  Classy.  Suddenly, Steigerwald decides to take the side of the attackers.  The man has the GALL and INSENSITIVITY to openly blame the Stow’s naivety for being ruthlessly attacked.  Wow.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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2 Responses to Call to Arms

  1. Erin Durst says:

    The guy seems like he’s sort of an idiot. He says: “The team is those guys down on the field, ice or court who are, you know, actually playing the games. They like the noise you make as a group, and they love playing in front of you. If you’re an adult, and you approach them in a replica game jersey with their name on it and your face is painted, you scare them.”

    Well, Taylor, you’re in a rare position to rebut or concur with the above statement. You’re an athlete who is part of the actual team whose fans who come to games wearing replica Winterhawks jerseys. Have you ever been SCARED of fans who approach you with these jerseys??

  2. Brian Moore says:

    My prayers go out to Mr. Stow and his family. I have been going to Hawks games since 1983. I have visited countless rinks wearing my “game worn Winterhawks jersesy.” I don’t think I’m part of the team, I think I’m a fan. And I have about 20 adult friends with jerseys. To us, it’s a way to support the team, to collect something with memories.

    Anyone who would violently attack another human because of wearing an opposing jersey should be…. well leave it to you imagination. This so called writer should have this article pulled, and punished.

    You are a writer, a good one at that. Degrees, journalism classes, and all that do not make a writer. Change that “I am not,” to the “I am a writer.”

    Fas est et ab hoste doceri.

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